Terry Osborn & Bailey Terrell

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Terry Osborn

Who is...? Terry Osborn

Like many homegrown Hoosier boys, Terry was not born a dancer...unless you count his secret passion for can-can.  (Okay I made up that bit about the can-can to make him sound cooler)

Terry was born and raised in Logansport.  In 1987 he was hired by Mike Anderson as a car salesman.  Terry is now the general manager of Mike Anderson Chrysler Dodge Super Center.

He is the proud father of three kids, Ryan, Jordan, and Darren as well as two granddaughters, Ryan, and Griffin.

Terry generously volunteers his time (and Mike Andersons money) to support local organizations and is looking forward to once again show his talent for dancing.  (He was a participant in 2011 so this is Terry's second time around on the Dancing with our Stars dance floor.)

In his spare time Terry enjoys playing the accordion and spending time with family and friends.

Bailey Terrell






 Bailey Terrell is making her first appearance as a professional dancer.  She was required to fill in at last minute due to an injury.  Bailey has danced in the opening acts and choreographed in the years past.  She is a member of the Logansport High School Berryettes and is their Co-Captain.  Bailey has competed at the state level for several years and a member of several top three in the state competition teams.  She is still deciding on where to attend college and is  hoping to dance at the college level.  She can't wait to do the swing dance with Terry Osborne.