Mike Dingo & Hunter Curl

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Mike Dingo

Mike had his early dancing debut during his 3rd grade class whem he played Brer Rabbit, where little Michael drew critical acclaim from his peers from the dodge ball team, as well as, a standing ovation from Sister Maria.

With a passion for dancing, sparked by his many early successes on stage, Mike moved to New York to seek his fame and fortuner on Broadway.  Soon after arriving in the Big Apple, Mike was quickly accepted into the Martha Graham Studios, where his hard work and determination won him a covenanted spot as a Martha Graham dancer.  During his tenure on Broadway, Mike once again, won much critical acclaim, eventually winning the Tony for best stage performance, in his leading role in the off Broadway hit, "Three Men and a Pizza:.  To those closest to Mike, it's easy to determine not one word of this bio is true.  Mike has been witnessed on one occasion dancing in public.  That was the day he was chased around the ninth green by an overly territorial snake.  On this occasion, many of the onlookers did tout his performance as graceful, poised, and unforgettable.............Mainly due to the screaming.

Mike would like to thank his granddaughter Hunter for this very special moment with her and also would like to thank his lovely daughter Gina, who is currently taking bests on the off chance that he might trip and fall off stage.

"Golf and dancing are one in the same for me.  The more I practice, the luckier I get"  Mike Dingo

Hunter Curl

Hunter is a graduate of Logansport High School and a freshman at Indiana University, Bloomington where she has been involved with the "Red Steppers"dance team.

Hunter has taken 9 years of dance including jazz, ballet, and hip hop.  Her first dancing debut was that of a Lady Bug when she was 5.  She has taken master classes from Mia Michaels and Tyce Diorio.  She has also worked with top choreographers from across the nation.  She has competed competively for the last 4 years and has made it to the state finals all 4 of those.  She was part of the 2011 Indiana High School Jazz State Championship Team. 

She is excited to participate in her third Dancing with our Stars event and especially to share this moment in time with her grandfather Mike.  Her goal is to beat her mother and her high school dance coach Gina Curl.