Keith Cole & Gina Curl

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Keith Cole

"Dancing with the Stars" seems to run in the family...well, at least with the Cole Family.  Following in his family's "love of dancing" footsteps, after winning the "Grand Championship" in the 2011 Dancing with our Stars, Keith is once again taking on the dancing challenge.  Even though Keith loves music and dancing, he just hopes that once again he can get his "cowboy boots" to follow.

Born in Logasnport, Keith graduated from Pioneer High School in 1976.  After working several years at Kent Feeds and Cole Farms, he left Kent Feeds in 1987 to work for his family's lumber business, Cole Hardwood, Inc., where he is to date.

Keith has supported, volunteered, and worked at many charitable events.  Currently, he sits on several boards and committees, some of which are Cass County Community Foundation, Republican Finance Committee, and also helps with United Way Fundraising to name just a few.

In his spare time, you can always catch Keith working on one of his many hobbies which include; building and/or woodworking, reading, golfing, tending his garden, watching or playing basketball, and his favorite, riding horses.

Along for ride, is his wife of 32 years, Carmella,and their two children, Tyler and Brittany.

Gina Curl




Gina Curl is excited to be part of the fourth Dancing with our Stars.  Gina has been the director of the Berryettes and Jr. Berryettes for the past six years and they have won State Title and several runner-ups.  She has taken several dance classes during the past 16 years.  Gina has trained with Emmy award winning Mia Michaels, Tyce Diorio, and several other award winning instructors.  She is a graduate from Purdue University where she took four years of dance.  Teaching youth is her passion.  She has 3 children; Hunter 19, Kennedy 16, and John 9.  Gina hopes to influence our community's younger generations to express themselves through the arts.

Gina and her partner, Keith Cole won the "Grand Champion" in 2011 and she's looking forward to bringing home another trophy this year.